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Makeup Artist and Sponsor for Miss Tennessee USA 2012

Makeup Artist for numerous Washington DC Clients including top Political and Intelligence Officials – Videos, Photos, and Professional Portraits

Meredith Runion is a Professional Makeup Artist providing on-location bridal beauty for your wedding day. As a professionally trained makeup artist and instructor, Meredith has an extensive background in the beauty industry. She has mastered the ability to perfectly tailor makeup to the individual and the occasion. She is trained in advanced makeup techniques and makeup for photography, and is skilled at creating a flawless and natural look.

Not only has Meredith worked as a professional makeup artist for Sephora, she has been taught by some of the most elite makeup artists in the business – including top makeup artists from Fashion Week and Hollywood. She graduated from High Definition Makeup University, and was personally instructed and trained by an Emmy-award winning makeup artist. She is skilled in color theory and other advanced makeup master classes for High Definition makeup in camera and film. This skillset differentiates her from other makeup artists and is especially important for brides for their wedding photos.

Meredith stands apart from other makeup artists not only by her skills, but her attention to detail and drive to make every bride look and feel her best for her wedding day.  Meredith is skilled at creating a flawless  yet natural makeup look. You will feel comfortable with the makeup, but most importantly, feel like yourself. 



2013 Bride of the Year!

Congratulations to Britt as our 2013 Bride of the Year!

What a magnificent wedding – Britt and her handsome groom Kyle were married at the prestigious Keswick Hall at Monticello Virginia. Keswick Hall’s timeless surroundings nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains make for the most spectacular of views. From the diamond beading on Britt’s wedding gown to the firework display at the end of the evening, every detail dripped with elegance. It is no doubt Britt’s wedding was THE wedding of the year!

 How they met… 

Through a combination of MIT and similar career interests and connections, two roads converged at a Starbucks just north of Grand Central Station.  Britt and Kyle found themselves meeting each other for coffee expecting nothing and finding everything.  They got absolutely lost in conversation across a wide-range of topics and were there at Starbucks for way longer than they expected.

After that first meeting, neither could have expected what was to come, but they both knew how much they enjoyed the conversation and pledged to grab coffee again next time Britt was in the city.  With the second time meeting at the same Park Avenue Starbucks to get coffee with a very similar outcome, getting completely wrapped up in their conversation way longer than they planned, both knew they were interested in the other, but not quite sure how to proceed.

Thankfully, they found that opportunity to grab drinks.  Before they knew it, they were spending New Years together, lots of car and train travel between New York and Boston, vacation in Puerto Rico, and most recently a fantastic summer in New York where they got engaged.


The Bride getting ready!


 Wedding Day Vendors 

Photographers: Tim and Sasha of Rockwell Photography

Makeup: Meredith Runion

Hair: Leslie Greene

Wedding Coordinator: Adam Donovan Groves

Venue: Keswick Hall Monticello Virginia


Britt getting her hair teased for volume by Leslie the Hair Stylist

Britt getting her hair teased for volume by Leslie the Hair Stylist





Some finishing touches after veil placement


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What a breathtaking bride!



Congratulations Britt and Kyle!!!

Congratulations Britt and Kyle!!!

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