“Looking Picture Perfect”

Published in Brides and Weddings Magazine, January 2012

Ever look at a photograph of yourself and wonder, “What is that white reflection all over my face?” Your makeup may be the culprit! Some makeup products now include ingredients that may be good for your skin, but can be like glitter on your face in the flash of the camera.

Many brides don’t understand there is a difference between everyday makeup, and makeup made for photography. For starters, many makeup and skincare products, including moisturizers and foundation, now include some level of SPF in it. However, SPF is composed of titanium dioxide, a white mineral-based powder that is almost like crushed diamonds and is highly reflective. Titanium dioxide is composed of highly reflective pigments which refract the camera flash, and you are left looking quite pale in your photo. While SPF is great to protect your skin every day, it is a something you may want to avoid when being photographed.

High Definition (HD) makeup is formulated specifically for the camera lens, and does not include any physical sunscreen in it. There are several recommended makeup brands that are specifically designed for photography and video, such as Makeup Forever HD, or Smashbox products. However, these brands can be challenging—and very expensive–to use if you’re unaccustomed to it. Often times buying new HD skincare and makeup products on your own can be several hundred dollars, and a long process of trial and error to discover what works for you.

In addition to having the right foundation and moisturizer, you will also need to apply the rest of your makeup in heavier amounts for the camera. In order to achieve that natural look in your wedding portrait, you have to apply a little more than usual, and don’t forget your setting powder to help keep any shine under control. Powder is absolutely essential to gaining that beautiful matte finish and flawless look, and makes the difference between a beautiful wedding portrait and just a portrait.

Instead of having your wedding photographer spend hours trying to fix every picture in after event processing – which doesn’t always turn out well—hire a professional makeup artist to make you look your best on your big day. A professionally trained makeup artist will have the correct makeup for your wedding photographs. In addition, a professionally trained makeup artist will be skilled in advanced makeup techniques, such as contouring, to ensure you will look your best when photographed. In contouring, the makeup artist will determine how to accentuate your cheekbones, and detract from other areas, to create an ideal face shape. This can be a tricky process to ensure the colors are blended and do not create distinct lines.

Eliminate stress and the worry, and hire a professional makeup artist that can make you look and feel beautiful. Remember that your beauty will be captured in photographs that you will cherish for years after your big day—and you only have one chance to capture that gorgeous, timeless look forever.

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