Other Fees

Travel: Travel fees may be imposed if travel is required more than 30 miles to arrive at your location. Please contact for a quote on the travel rate if your event is over 30 miles from Fairfax.

Parking: Any parking fees will be charged at actual fees paid. This includes valet services if necessary.

Holidays: There is an additional service fee of $100 for any event on a government holiday (such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day). A wedding on a holiday weekend requires a party minimum. Please contact for details.

Touch-ups: After the initial services, makeup touch-ups start at a rate of $30 per hour, per person. Many brides like to have a natural look for the ceremony, and more intense makeup for an evening reception. Additionally, some brides like their hair down for the ceremony, and then an updo for the reception. Please coordinate this in advance, as this must be included in the contract to ensure another event is not booked after yours.

Early start: There is an additional service fee for any makeup application start time prior to 8am.

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